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Guest Post: “My First AA Meeting”

This week, Queensland Cheers is excited to host their first guest post! Michael Webb writes for people wanting to maintain blissful relationships, but this is something near impossible if your loved one is an alcoholic. Michael took the opportunity to attend an AA meeting, and writes about his experience below.

This past week I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
I wish I had gone earlier.

Like most of society I have a little bit of anxiety about the
unknown. I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to drive a
friend to an AA meeting. Would the room be filled with “scary”
people — those you picture hanging out in seedy bars all night?
Or perhaps everyone in the room would be all straight-laced and
uptight — looking down on everyone who wasn’t as “righteous” as
they were.

There were about 50 people there on the night I took my friend (our
city has meetings every night of the week – sometimes three or four
to choose from each day). It was an “open” meeting so as a
non-alcoholic I was welcome. The people there were no different
from the crowd I might find at the movie theater. There were
teenagers and there were retirees. There were bikers and there
were bankers. Housewifes and waitresses. People arrived in
Jaguars and some came by bus. Some people were quiet and reserved.
Others were outgoing and very warm and friendly.

The meeting lasted about one hour. And in case you were wondering,
you only speak up if you want to. You won’t be called on and asked
to share your testimony.

Now I realize that this information would appear to be useless to
most of you. But if I encourage just one person who reads this
to seek help it will have been worth it. Hopefully you will
never need it for you or your mate but I can almost guarantee you
that you will come across an addict at some point in your life and
maybe the only way he or she will ever become sober is if you
recommend and offer to accompany them to a recovery program.

If a friend (or your mate) confided in you that he or she had a
problem with drugs, food, alcohol, sex, pornography, anger or other
addiction, would you know where to turn? If they had a problem but
didn’t want any help, do you know where YOU could go for
professional support?

It is my prayer that if you have been battling with something and
you keep losing, that you will admit that you are powerless over
your addiction and you will make the second step in overcoming what
is keeping your relationship from being truly blissful.