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Welcome to the Queensland Cheers Blog!


We’re a new and upcoming project built around youth drinking culture in Australia, with a community-centric approach to education. We believe that the fastest track to a safe and responsible drinking environment for youths is through education; and it’s our goal to create a community where Queenslander’s can inform and learn from each other as they step into this culture. Australian youths who are struggling with alcohol and its effects should have a support group they can go to, who don’t just throw facts at them but encourages discussion instead. As a Brisbane-based group, we want to connect with youths in Queensland who may feel vulnerable and work to stop progression towards alcoholism.


The Queensland Cheers Blog was founded in order to fill a niche that we feel exists in providing attention and help to Brisbane residents struggling with alcoholism, and aims to provide a safe platform that is both non-judgemental and interesting to its target audience. We want the blog to target youths who are considering embracing the drinking culture, as well as those who want to distance themselves from it or are struggling with pressures surrounding it. It is our hope that by connecting peers with each other in a discussion-based approach we can create a sense of community, where help will always be given to those who ask for it.


The online environment of this blog lets users share and engage with each other through interconnected social networks and forums to seek advice and learn from one another, while still granting complete anonymity to those who desire it. We want you, our readers, to feel that you can utilise this comprehensive source of resources in whatever way you need; whether that’s for advice or simply to discuss your own experiences and feelings regarding alcohol and peer-pressure. You have the power to help the community grow, and it’s always possible that your experience could be the advice that helps out someone you never even knew.


So what are you waiting for? Join in the discussion and help us work together towards a safer, more enjoyable Queensland.

Cheers to that!


About QLD Cheers

QLD Cheers is here for Brisbane youths. We're going to be rocking up some great educational information so Brisbane's youth are well in the know about the effects of alcohol - and how to enjoy it safely. But we're also here to learn about the Australian drinking culture - so join in on the discussion, and stay connected with RSS or email subscription. Cheers! View all posts by QLD Cheers

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